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1. Loney Nonwoven is dedicate to supplying Nonwoven Disposable Products.Now we focus on the promotion of flushable wet wipes around the world.

2. We supply spunlace nonwoven fabric rolls for wet wipes material for the manufacturers which want to enter into flushable wipe field.

3. Comprehensive Private labelling/OEM services for flushable wet wipes are provided.

Both raw material of flushable wet wipes and finished products manufacturer
Supply nonwoven fabrics rolls for flushable wet wipes
Flushable wet wipes is just like the common wipe which is a small moistened piece of nonwoven fabrics in easy and convenient package for use. The packages can be divided into single packages and multiple sheets package. The difference is that they are dispersed and biodegraded and they can dissolve in septic and sewer system.As an original manufacturer of spunlace nonwoven fabrics, we supply the spunlace nonwoven fabrics rolls for flushable wet wipes. With a strong R&D team, we developed our patented technique for producing raw material for flushable wet wipes. We have seven production lines for spunlace nonwoven fabrics. If you are planning to produce the flushable wet wipes with your own machine, it is wise for you to choose us as the raw material supplier. The raw material would be delivered in forms of rolls.Flushable wet wips is one of our key products that we currently focuse on.There is no doubt that we are also the spunlace nonwoven wipes manufacturer.
Dispersible nonwovens for flushable wipes
Our dispersible nonwovens for flushable wipes meet the INDA/EDANA requirements for flushability. There are a few types of wipe products which need flushable/dispersible nonwovens. Those products includes: Adult moist toilet tissue, personal hygiene wipes or personal hygiene wipe towelette, feminine hygiene wipes and baby wipes.
Eco friendly, 100% biodegradable wipe
Our flushable wipe is Eco friendly, 100% biodegradable wipe. We choose this material for our baby wipes, personal hygiene wipe, toilet wipes. Additionally, the formulation of dispersible wipes is improved natural ingredients which are gentle to our skin. They are perfectly for sensitive skin types.
Advantages of flushable wet wipes
There are many applications can be involved in flushable wet wipe industry. The applications include baby wipes, toilet tissues, feminine hygiene wipe, Incontinence wipes, bathing wipes, cosmetic wipe, facial wipes, bathroom cleaning wipes, household wipes, medical wipes, personal wipes, industry wipes, dusting wipes etc. There are no flushable products in some of those applications. It is expected that flushable wipe can enter into those applications in the near future, so for the future market of flushable wipe is promising. When consumers purchase the wipes, there are many factors they need to take into account including convenience, hygiene, performance, price, eco- friendly, allergy problems. Flushable wet wipes can meet those factors in great extent. The nonwoven substrate is made from pure natural plants fibers and wood pulp, both of those materials would not cause skin problems. Compared with wipes made from petroleum based raw material, there is no doubt that flushable material would lead to less allergy problems, let alone eco friendly feature.
Professional manufacturer of flushable wet wipes
We do not only produce raw material for flushable wipe, also we manufacture finished products. Our flushable wipes series includes:
Flushable baby wipes
Our flushable baby wipes are specially made for 0-6 month’s baby
The raw material is of pure natural cellulosic fiber and can be discarded into the toilet and sewerage system since it is flushable. The nonwoven paper delivers super soft feeling. No Alcohol or any other chemicals are included in the composition, so the baby’s skin can be protected perfectly.
Flushable toilet wipes
In flushable wipe market,the largest market is adult moist toilet tissue.Our flushable toilet wipe is made of 100% biodegradable spunlace nonwoven material. It can disperse easily in the toilet. You can treat it as common toilet roll paper, just discard it into the toilet and sewerage system. It is safe and eco-friendly. With our flushable toilet wipes, your skin would cleaner and cooler since it delivers better cleaning result than common toilet roll paper. The pure natural ingredients can care your skin in your private area. You can use it with roll paper.
Flushable feminine wipes
Our flushable feminine wipes is specially made for women’s period, before and after birth care and daily care. Low-acid ingredients deliver perfect protection for private area and prevent bacterial infection and odors. It is provides ideal result for private area cleaning after sex.
OEM/private labeling services provided for flushable wipes
We offer complete flushable wipes products solutions. Private labeling/OEM service is included in our scope except the production and supply of raw material and our branded products. We have been provided OEM services for many famous brands around the world. We can offer customized wipe material, size and package based on your requirement and market demand.
Our wipes are dispersible and biodegradable and it is also septic safe. For flushable baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes and toilet tissues, we offer various types of packages based on your requirements. Generally, there are three types of packages for flushable wipes products. You can design your package and send us your samples for volume production. In addition, we can send the package and material samples to our clients for reference.In addition, we can offer help in aiding the formulation process. You can define your pure natural ingredients list.
We are the expert of private labeling services of flushable/biodegradable wipes. Nowadays, flushable wet wipes which can disperse easily is favored by more and more end consumers and the businessmen.100% natural products has great market potential since it would produce waste. As a kind of fast consumer goods, wet wipes are one of the most used products in daily life. Wipe is must in your pocket or bag. However, most of the wet wipes are non-flushable/biodegradable version.
What is pure natural wet wipes
As to pure natural wet wipes, you need to know that both the wipe material and ingredients must be 100% natural. As a expert in this field, we do not only offer you the flushable/biodegradable wipe material, also we offer the most natural ingredients for the wipes. More and more clients need the products without alcohol, No paraben, fragrances, especially for baby and sensitive skin. We can create organic and pure natural ingredients for our clients based on different purpose.
There is another important key factor in private labeling of flushable wet wipes, package. Package plays an important role in the marketing of wipes since people can not see the wipes in it and package attractive has been the main reason that the consumer can choose from various wipes products on the shelf. It is necessary for you to design the creative and attractive design for your package. The quantity of wipes included in one package should also be considered.
Our flushable wipe is 100% flushable
Actually, most of the so called flushable wet wipes are not truly flushable. You may see many reports about that flushable wipes are not flushable and are not safe for toilet, city sewers and septic systems. Our flushable wipe is 100% flushable wipe. Our products are flushable and biodegradable. In the market around the world, there is only one company’s products have passed the NSF testing according to IDEA standards.
Why our wipe is flushable?
Our flushable wipe is made of pure natural cellulosic fiber. The irregular structure of natural plant fiber provides the necessary strength of spunlace nonwoven fabrics. Combined with special cellulosic fiber, the material would expand after absorbing water. So the material has better degree of segregation than common cellulosic fiber. As a result, it can disperse quickly under certain water shock.
Distributors, wholesalers needed for flushable wet wipes need for USA, Canada and Australia market
We are seeking for the distributors, wholesalers, brand owners for flushable wet wipes for USA, Canada and Australia market. For the clients in those countries, we would adopt promotional policies for them.
Market potential analysis of flushable and eco-friendly wipes
Flushable wet wipes had been used since 1980s.As time goes on, the application of flushable wipes are expanded greatly. It is reported the expected market demand growth is 12% annually and can reach up to 2.5 billion Us dollars in 2019.Nonwoven fabrics are the key material of flushable wipes. Now the flushability and sustainability of nonwoven fabrics has also increased. The raw material composition of flushable and biodegradable wipes are changing all the time. And the end use markets of flushable material would be widely used.
Flushable, eco-friendly wet wipes feature for the convenience, hygiene and biodegradable.The sales amount is increasing in recent years. But what is the market ratio of flushable wipes in the future. We would like to provide the key factors of flushable wipes industry in future market.
There are various products included in the flushable wipe range. Flushable toilet tissue, baby wipes and personal feminine hygiene wipes can be provided in flushable wipes industry. It is estimated that the flushable wipe market size would be about 60000 tonnes in 2018.
If you are the business owner who wants to enter into flushable wipe industry, whether you want to purchase them or produce them, you need to aware some major aspects of this industry.
Wood pulp and pure natural fibers would be used increasingly in the production
In favor of cost reduction, wood pulp is chosen as the raw material of flushable wipe material. Air laid nonwovens has the advantage in using wood pulp (some products the ration can reach up to 90%).While for spunlace nonwovens, the ratio can reach up to 50%-70%.Our dispersible substrate for wet laid nonwovens of toilet wet tissues can reach up to 60%.In a long term run, wood pulp would still be the popular material with consumers and manufacturers. Also they would be used in the flushable wipe market since more and more factories would use this kind of raw material.
Nonwoven substrate change for flushable wipe material
The change of nonwoven substrate for flushable wet wiper material is changing all the time. Some type of material had caused flushable and drain related problems. The substrate must be improved in favor of cost reduction and flushability. Now, the nonwovens made of non biodegradable fibers provide high price continuously. More importantly, the biodegradable fiber such as pure natural viscose is natural and eco-friendly.
Cleaning and disinfecting wet wipes have great market potential
It is reported that the market growth rate of cleaning and disinfecting wet wipes reach up to 7% annually by the year 2020.
Cleaning and disinfecting wet wipes are divided into four segments: the consumer wipes and industry wipes. The consumer wipes include home care cleaning and disinfecting wipes and antibacterial wet wipe for personal care. And the industry wipe include industrial cleaning and antibacterial wipes.
Flushable and biodegradable wet wipe have been received the attention in the field of wipe. While for the cleaning and disinfecting wet wipes, more and more companies tend to choose the flushable and biodegradable material as its material. Flushable and biodegradable means environmental friendly and it is needed by the environmental protection.
Adult moist toilet wipes
Feminine hygiene wipes
Cosmetics wet wipes
Cleaning wipes used in bathroom


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