OEM /Private Label For Flushable Wet Wipes

OEM /Private Labels For Flushable Wet Wipes:We offer comprehensive flushable wet wipes solution for disposable wet wipe wholesalers and distributors.We offer comprehensive flushable wet wipes solution which includes research and development, customized formulation and packaging. We do not only provide the private labeled flushable wet wipes with our professional technology in this field and also we can check your own products so that we can offer a better solution for your products to improve your products. The types of flushable wet which we provide OEM/private labeling services includes flushable baby wipes, flushable toilet wipes and flushable feminine wipes.
Research and Development
We are expert of private labeling/OEM for different types of flushable wipes. Our research and development team has rich professional experience and we always try our best to develop new and improved flushable wipes. There are several options for your reference.

  1. You can choose our standard products which have been tested comprehensively.
  2. Based on your specific requirements, we can develop a new product for you. We can also change the existing formulation of the flushable wipes. We would produce the products of your confidential formulation.
  3. For your specific needs, we can develop the products based on your needs or purpose.

In any case, we are very flexible and we can offer you the best support which can meet all of your needs and requirements. So that we offer you the best finished flushable wet wipes.
Base paper/nonwoven Substrates
The selection of nonwoven substrate is the key to the business of flushable wipes. The nonwoven base paper/ Substrates plays the most important role in the production of flushable wet wipes. Our nonwoven substrates is made from wet laid technology. We have to ensure the flushability of the substrates and we can not modify the types of base paper. Generally, you can define the weight(gsm) and size of substrate. Our nonwoven base paper/ substrate has passed the official INDA and EDANA flushability test successively. Our nonwoven base paper/substrates is made from natural cellulose fiber and it is 100% biodegradable material and so is the best eco-friendly material in wet wipe field.
Flushable wet wipes packaging
The packaging of flushable wet wipes is similar as other types of wet wipes. Our packaging solution can ensure that all types of flushable wet wipes are supplied in packaging that can fit your purpose and requirements perfectly. We offer different forms of packages for flushable wet wipes including flow packs, sachets, Canisters etc.


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